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  1. Прочитайте и переведите письменно на русский язык отмеченную часть текста. Подготовьте ее хорошее чтение вслух.

London J. Short Stories. — M. Presto, 2003. — P.7

Then somebody thrust roughly against him fr om behind. He whirled about with flashing eyes, and the circle involuntarily gave ground. But the crowd was growing more boisterous. Each and every article of clothing he had on was demanded by one or another, and these demands were shouted simultaneously at the tops of very healthy lungs.

[[[Alf had long since ceased to say anything, but he knew that the situation was getting dangerous, and that the only thing left to him was to get away. His face was set doggedly, his eyes glinted like points of steel, and his body was firmly and confidently poised. This air of determination sufficiency impressed the boatmen to make them give way before him when he started to walk toward the shore-end of the pier. But they trooped along beside him and behind him, shouting and laughing more noisily than ever. One of the youngsters, about Alf’s size and build, impudently snatched his cap from his head; but before he could put it on his own head, Alf struck out from the shoulder, and sent the fellow rolling on the stones.]]]

The cap flew out of his hand and disappeared among the many legs. Alf did some quick thinking; his sailor pride would not permit him to leave the cap in their hands. He followed in the direction it had sped, and soon found it under the bare foot of a stalwart fellow, who kept his weight stolidly upon it. Alf tried to get the cap out by a sudden jerk, but failed. He shoved against the man’s leg, but the man only grunted. It was challenge direct, and Alf accepted it. Like a flash one leg was behind the man and Alf had thrust strongly with his shoulder against the fellow’s chest. Nothing could save the man from the fierce vigorousness of the trick, and he was hurled over and backward.

  1. Ответьте на следующие 5 вопросов, связанных с содержанием прочитанного текста (вопросы экзаменуемому предварительно не выдаются).

    • What was the only thing left to Alf?

    • What did one of the youngsters do?

    • What did Alf do, after one of the youngsters impudently snatched his cap from his head?

    • Wh ere did Alf find the cap?

    • How did Alf try to get the cap?

  1. Перескажите текст из задания №1 по-английски.

  1. Прочитайте следующий текст.

The Moscow News, 24-26 May 2011, page 12

$1 bln for Yandex?

Mark Gay
The Moscow News

Investors are piling into Yandex’s New York IPO for up to $1 billion, with the listing already over-subscribed as the price was due to be announced late Monday.

Russia’s leading search engine has about 65 per cent of the Russian online search market compared with just over 20 per cent for Google.

Investors point out that Yandex has a simpler and stronger income stream than many popular Russian and even US Internet stocks, earning 97 per cent of its revenues from online advertising.

Part of its attraction appears to be that it is not a social networking site, given that corporate clients are still working out how to reach users based on their likes, friends or profiles.

For 2010, Facebook’s global advertising revenues reached $1.8 billion, compared with $420 million for Yandex.

Search engines, which direct users to web sites accompanied by contextual and display advertising, dominate the online segment. Although the economic crisis dented all advertising, even conservative estimates project annual growth of around 25 per cent.

That is expected to be sustained by the expansion of formats like video advertising, which are relatively new to Russia but established in the US.

Television still captures 60 per cent of Russian advertising budgets, but car, insurance and travel companies are increasingly looking to the online market, which last year took about 12 per cent of the total, according to TNS Gallup Media.

  1. Ответьте на вопросы преподавателя, связанные с содержанием прочитанного текста (вопросы экзаменуемому предварительно не выдаются).

    • What do investors say about Yandex’s income?

    • How are Facebook’s and Yandex’s revenues compared?

    • How is revenue growth expected to be sustained?

  1. Беседа по одной из тем, изучавшихся в программе средней школы:

    • The Russian Federation

    • Why am I proud of my country?

    • Culture in Russia

    • Customs and traditions of Russia

    • Holidays in Russia

    • Education in Russia

    • Famous people of Russia

    • The Hermitage Gallery

    • The Tretyakov Gallery

    • Moscow

    • Great Britain

    • Culture in Great Britain

    • Customs and traditions of Great Britain

    • Holidays in Great Britain

    • Education in Great Britain

    • The Tower of London

    • London

    • The United States of America

    • Washington

    • Greenpeace

    • Environmental problems

    • Environmental protection

    • Seasons & weather

    • Hobbies

    • Cinema

    • Television and mass media

    • Theatre

    • Newspapers and magazines

    • Sport in our life

    • Books in my life

    • Pets

    • Friendship

    • My birthday

    • Planning a day

    • Helping about the house

    • My school

    • Why do I learn the English language?